Single-side (Double-sides) Adhesives

Our materials include such world-known brand products as 3M、DIC、LOHMANN、NITTO、SEKISUI、SONY、TESA、TERAOKA、AVREY、KIMOTO、TORAY. For the non-base materials or single-side (double-sides) adhesives using PET sheets or other plastic sheets as the base material and the double-sides adhesives using unwoven cloths as the base material, we will choose appropriate adhesion forces.

They not only have such characteristics as heat-resistant, chill-resistant, water-tolerant, oil-tolerant, acid-&-alkaline-proof respectively but also have radiation-resistant, dust-proof, water-proof, static-electricity-absorbing, light-blocking and environment-friendly features, which can be applied to various functional requirements and products including computers, automobiles, mobile phones, GPS, LCD, digital cameras, electric machineries, electric appliances and mechanical equipments.

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